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Iron pellets

NECA|feps® – effective removal of hydrogen sulphide from technical and biogenic gas streams

NECA|feps® is an innovative product used to remove hydrogen sulphide from technical and biogenic gases. Highly amorphous iron oxide, which removes hydrogen sulphide from the gas stream in an efficient and safe manner, forms this basis of this.

A very pronounced porous structure results in an exceptionally high loading capacity combined with extremely cost-effective material prices. The evenly shaped and pressure-resistant pel-lets ensure low and even pressure loss in the debris bed.

Iron pellets for the fine desulphurisation of biogas

A cost-effective alternative that also enables safe desulphurisation, iron pellets are used for the effective removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas.

  • Oxygen-free
  • Easy to use in moist gas streams
  • No prior gas conditioning required
  • Complies with the Fertiliser Ordinance (Düngemittelverordnung)

NECA|feps® S + L

Iron pellets, measuring 4 or 10 mm in diameter, enabling outstanding loading without oxygen in moist gas streams

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