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Activated alumina

High-quality activated alumina for every drying application: NECA|alox®

Water removal in the gas phase plays an important role everywhere in industry, and activated alumina occupies an important position among the various materials available. The low cost of activated alumina, its chemical and physical resistance, its regenerability and its high water retention capacity are among the reasons for its wide acceptance.

With NECA|alox® we offer you activated aluminium oxides of consistently high quality, characterised by high mechanical strength, excellent adsorption properties and resistance to ageing. Each individual batch is tested for its adsorption capacity.

Aluminium balls for air drying

NECA|alox® D was specially developed for air drying. A homogeneous surface of the balls provides improved mechanical properties.

Very high abrasion resistance and fracture strength combined with high internal surface area and static adsorption capacity give NECA|alox® D the essential properties required for the most demanding and safe drying operating conditions.

NECA|alox® D

Aluminium balls for air drying

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