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Iron hydroxides

NECA|sorb® – safe and environmentally friendly

Unlike dissolved iron salts, iron hydroxides, which are a pH-neutral and powdery solid material, do not form any highly corrosive acids. They do not develop any corrosive compounds in the plant during the biomethane gas phase.

The formation of hydrogen sulphide in your fermenter can be reduced in an efficient manner by feeding in NECA|sorb® iron hydroxide. The material feed in the fermenter is low thanks to the high iron content. No additional sediment is formed thanks to the purity of the products.

Iron hydroxides for the coarse desulphurisation of biogas

Iron hydroxides, supplied as a fine powder, reaction-promoting and provided in fermentable paper bags, simple and safe to use.

  • Reduced hydrogen sulphide in the fermenter
  • No corrosion
  • Compliant with the Fertiliser Directive (Düngemittel-richtlinie) without any restrictions on additives

NECA|sorb® neo

Pure and natural iron hydroxide with low heavy metal content and high share of amorphous iron, no sedimentation and highly effective

NECA|sorb® 100

100% pure, synthetic and highly effective iron hydroxide, no heavy metals or sediment caused by the industrially controlled manufacturing process

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