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Skilled desulphurisation

One of NECATEC AG's core competencies is its ability to create innovative products enabling efficient desulphurisation. We are able to draw on our vast experience, combining it with our research and development work to create effective products. Our focus is on optimising operating costs and ensuring the secure operation of your biogas plant.

Fine desulphurisation during the gas phase

Whether the situation in question involves highly specialised activated carbon or iron pellets for fine desulphurisation purposes during the gas phase, reducing operating costs as much as possible by using the products in the best possible way is of key importance here. By providing advice tailored to your needs, we are able to determine the right product for your biogas plant.

Doped extruded activated carbon for the desulphurisation of biogas and technical gases

NECA|active® sulfo are doped extruded activated carbons produced according to the ISDAC® method (In Situ Doped Activated Carbon) with an improved pore structure, enabling efficient desulphurisation of biogas and technical gases.

  • Removal of hydrogen sulphide
  • Removal of sulfur dioxide
  • Removal of disulphides
  • Removal of mercaptans
  • Removal of thiols
  • Purification of biogas, sewage treatment gas and landfill gas
  • For sewage structures
  • For odor reduction

NECA|active® sulfo max/pro/plus/basic

Doped extruded activated carbons produced according to the ISDAC® method, measuring 4 mm in diameter, available in different qualities

Iron pellets for the fine desulphurisation of biogas

A cost-effective alternative that also enables safe desulphurisation: NECA|feps® iron pellets for the effective removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas.

  • Outstanding loading
  • Possible without oxygen
  • Easy to use in humid gas streams
  • No prior gas conditioning required

NECA|feps® S + L

Iron pellets, measuring 4 mm or 10 mm in diameter

Coarse desulphurisation during the liquid phase

The formation of hydrogen sulphide in your biogas plant’s fermenter can be reduced in an efficient manner by feeding in iron hydroxide. The material feed in the fermenter is low thanks to the high iron content. No additional sediment is formed thanks to the purity of the products.

Iron hydroxide for the coarse desulphurisation of biogas

NECA|sorb® neo iron hydroxide for the reduction of hydrogen sulphide in the fermenter.

  • Low heavy metal content
  • High share of amorphous iron
  • No sedimentation
  • No corrosion
  • Highly effective
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Compliant with the fertiliser directive without any restrictions on additives

NECA|sorb® neo

Pure and natural iron hydroxide as a fine powder in fermentable paper bags

Gas treatment

Technical gas treatment optimises operational safety thanks to reduced downtimes, reduced consumption of auxiliary materials and extended service life of components and units. This results in noticeable cost savings with regard to the operation of your biogas plant.

Extruded activated carbon for adsorptive gas cleaning and adsorptive gas drying

NECA|active® gc are highly adsorptive, dustless extruded activated carbons with a very wide range of possible uses in adsorptive gas cleaning. Various requirements are met in the best possible way due to differentiated qualities.

  • Removal of siloxanes D3 - D6
  • Removal of VOC
  • Removal of BTEX
  • Removal of aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Removal of toluene
  • Removal of ozone
  • Removal of odorants
  • Purification of technical gases
  • Purification of biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas
  • Solvent recovery
  • Soil air purification
  • Exhaust air purification
  • Adsorptive drying

NECA|active® gc

Extruded activated carbons for adsorptive gas purification, available in different classes and qualities

Activated carbon replacement filters for biogas plants

The NECA|tec® 700 M and 1.100 M type activated carbon filters are the ideal product solutions for separating hydrogen sulphide from biogas. Be inspired by this sophisticated and innovative technology that meets the most stringent of quality standards.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Internal insulation
  • Replacement system – easy to replace
  • Integrated zonal probes
  • Available in two sizes: 700l and 1,100l

NECA|tec® M type activated carbon filter

Activated carbon replacement filter for biogas plants to reduce hydrogen sulphide

Single or double chamber filter for biogas plants

The NECA|tec® K 2002 and K 3001 type activated carbon filters are some of the most effective systems available for the purification of hydrogen sulphide, impressing with their innovative technology and proven “Made in Germany” quality.

  • Single or double chamber systems
  • Different sizes: 1x3,000l or 2x1,000l
  • Steel with special coating
  • Thermal insulation with mineral wool and aluminium sheet jacket
  • Cage ladder and podium and/or working platform with railings
  • Simple activated carbon replacement with “Big Bags”
  • Low maintenance costs

NECA|tec® K type activated carbon filter

Single or double chamber filter for biogas plants to reduce hydrogen sulphide

Gas cooling for drying biogas

The NECA|tec® D type gascooling system enhances the combustion process in engines, extends the service life of engine oil and helps to prevent corrosion damage over the entire gas section.

  • Robust design for enduring use
  • Powerful cooling performance
  • Different sizes, well adapted for any plant
  • Easy to operate, automatic operation
  • Stainless steel versions in the gas section
  • Safe operating system

NECA|tec® D type gas cooling system

Gas cooling for drying gas prior to combustion

Gas yield increase

The best gas yields in your biogas plant's fermenter are only achieved if the biology involved is working in a stable and reliable manner. In order to achieve this target in a secure and enduring manner, both trace elements and plant carbon can be used, in order to achieve the best possible yield.

Trace elements to increase gas yield

NECA|bacX® MethaMax and NECA|bacX® MethaMax pro are trace elements and micro-organisms developed in the laboratory in liquid form, which increase the methane yield in biogas plants.

  • Rectification of defect-based process disturbances
  • High biological availability
  • More stable and shorter phase for commissioning
  • Accelerated and more stable biogas process
  • Higher and better biogas yields

NECA|bacX® MethaMax / MethaMax pro

Standardised or individually tailored mixing of essential trace elements to ensure and increase methane formation

Plant carbon as a buffering agent, for structural bonding and for binding pollutants

NECA|bioC® is a high-quality, natural and pure plant carbon. Due to a surface activation by means of water vapour at approx. 920°C, the inner surface is 3-4 times higher than with ordinary wood or plant charcoal. Due to this large inner pore system, positive effects are achieved through a balancing and binding effect in various applications.

  • Plant cultivation and soil production: as a structure improver and buffer material.
  • Animal welfare: as feed additive and bedding
  • Biogas: as a buffering agent to increase methane yield and substrate quality
  • Slurry and manure additive: to bind nutrients and increase fertiliser effect


Natural and pure plant carbon with a large internal pore system for a balancing and binding effect in various applications

Activated carbon replacement service

Best service by NECATEC!

Delivery, exchange or professional disposal, as individual services or "everything from one source" - from us you will receive the services you need, according to your wishes and at favourable conditions.

  • Joint coordination of dates
  • Delivery of the required activated carbon
  • Professional emptying and filling of the activated carbon filter including inerting
  • Collection and professional disposal of the loaded activated carbon
  • Proof of disposal for the loaded activated carbon

Plant optimisation

High operating costs?

The optimisation of operating costs is a process that plant operators are increasingly focusing on nowadays. We work together with you to ascertain your potential in terms of desulphurisation within your entire production chain. This allows you to benefit from our in-depth experience, and we are also able to revert to a variety of specialist products in order to find the best solutions tailored to your needs.

By discovering your potential in terms of optimisation measures, you can then make effective savings and, in doing so, reduce your costs directly!

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