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Silica gel

Silica gel as an efficient desiccant: NECA|sil®

NECA|sil® is the generic term for a highly efficient range of adsorbents.

Silica gel is a hydrophilic desiccant used in many technical fields that effectively removes even the slightest traces of moisture from gases or gas spaces.

Among others, we offer BASF's Sorbead® Air range, a high-performance adsorbent for the dehydration of technical gases and air. These are aluminium silicate gels in the form of hard, spherical beads. Sorbead® Air adsorbents can reduce operating costs for most applications primarily because they have a longer lifetime than most other adsorbents.

Silica gel for drying technical gases and air

NECA|sil® silica gel as an efficient drying agent for the reliable removal of moisture from gases or gas spaces.

  • Hard, spherical beads with a large surface area.
  • Low abrasion rate
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Long service life


Silica gel for dehydration of technical gases and air

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