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Honeycombs for adsorptive gas cleaning: NECA|hc®

NECA|hc® honeycombs offer practical applications in adsorptive gas purification.

Activated carbon provides the adsorbent functions, a ceramic binder forms the supporting structure. The adsorption capacity can be individually adjusted. The particularly finely ground activated carbon particles are integrated into the structure of the ceramic in such a way that they are easily and completely accessible to molecular impurities and form a maximum reaction surface.

Honeycombs for adsorptive gas cleaning

NECA|hc® honeycombs are ceramic, extruded moulded bodies coated with activated carbon with various applications in adsorptive gas cleaning.

  • Modular system (construction kit) and large variety of shapes
  • Low flow resistance
  • Large and freely accessible reaction surface
  • High, variably installable activated carbon content
  • High adsorption efficiency
  • High mechanical strength
  • Dust-free
  • Temperature stable
  • Thermally regenerable
  • Non-flammable and chemically resistant
  • Suitable as carrier for catalysts and impregnations


Honeycombs for adsorptive gas cleaning

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