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Zeolites, molecular sieves

NECA|zeo® und NECA|cms® – zeolites and molecular sieves for pressure swing adsorption in PSA plants

NECA|zeo® is the generic term used for different types of zeolites and molecular sieves for the pressure swing adsorption of technical and biogenic gases.

Thanks to their availability in different geometric shapes and homogeneous pore structure in different sizes, this means you can use precisely the right product, depending on your own requirements, to enable the best possible result in your PSA plant – and we are more than happy to advise you here!

With NECA|cms®, we are also able to provide you with carbon-based molecular sieves designed specifically to separate and extract nitrogen.

Zeolites for the separation and dehumidification of technical gas streams

Synthetically produced microporous solids, alkaline, potassium-based or sodium-based. Can be used effectively in virtually any application thanks to their specific geometric shapes and homogeneous pore structure available in different sizes.

  • Separation and extraction of oxygen
  • Separation and extraction of nitrogen
  • Separation and extraction of methane
  • Separation and extraction of CO2
  • Removal of odorants
  • Removal of mercaptans
  • Drying of gases


Technical zeolites, available in different geometric shapes and with different pore sizes

Carbon molecular sieves for the separation of technical gas streams

Molecular sieves with natural carbon base for the separation and extraction of nitrogen in a variety of applications.


Carbon molecular sieves for nitrogen extraction

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