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Microbiology, bio-filters

NECA|BacX® – trace elements and micro-organisms used to increase gas yield and for odour removal purposes

The best gas yields in biogas plants are only achieved if the biology involved is working in a stable and reliable manner. In order to achieve this target, the micro-organisms involved need to have a good supply. NECA|BacX® MethaMax ensures you have just the right addition of trace elements and gas yield-promoting micro-organisms. NECA|BacX® MethaMax pro goes one step further; any issues in the fermentation process can be resolved with confidence in a manner tailored to the precise needs of your plant.

NECA|BacX® bf are bio-filters, which remove unwanted odours from technical and biogenic gas streams in a reliable and effective manner.

The NECA|BacX® inOdorw and NECA|BacX® inOdors odour neutralisers get to the root of the problem; they remove unpleasant odours permanently by biologically decomposing the substances responsible for causing the odour.

Trace elements to increase gas yield

Trace elements and micro-organisms developed in the laboratory in liquid form, which increase the methane yield in biogas plants.

  • Rectification of defect-based process failures
  • High biological availability
  • More stable and shorter phase for commissioning
  • Accelerated and more stable biogas process
  • Higher and better biogas yields

NECA|bacX® MethaMax

Standardised mixing of essential trace elements to ensure and increase methane formation

NECA|bacX® MethaMax pro

Individually tailored trace elements to ensure and increase methane formation following analysis of digestate

Bio-filter for odour removal

Bio-filter for purifying odorous exhaust air from different emission sources.

NECA|bacX® bf

Reliable and effective removal of odours from technical and biogenic gas streams

Odour neutraliser

Special micro-organisms, which are able to permanently remove unpleasant odours through the biological decomposition of substances responsible for causing the odour.

NECA|bacX® inOdor w

Targeted removal of odours from work clothing, shoes or within the home

NECA|bacX® inOdor s

Effective removal of odours by way of large-scale application within the agricultural sector

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